Ambient Soundbath Podcast #122 – Allister Thompson’s Autumnal

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Ambient Soundbath Podcast #122 - Allister Thompson's Autumnal

It’s always my pleasure to feature the work Allister Thompson. Through the years, Allister has become a friend, collaborator and kindred spirit. I was tickled when he released Autumnal,” his first long-form ambient piece. In order to bulk up the program, I added the wonderful track “After Us” from last year’s Primordia. This is a great deep listen. Enjoy and go check out my friend’s Bandcamp page.

Allister Thompson makes ambient, post-rock, psychedelia, and new age under the names The Gateless Gate and Khan Tengri. His newest release, “Autumnal,” is a long-form ambient piece inspired by the cloudy, windy, mostly wet days of fall where he lives in Northern Ontario, Canada near the shores of Lake Nipissing.

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