Ambient Soundbath Podcast #61 – Off Land

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Ambient Soundbath Podcast #61 - Off Land


I’ve featured Off Land before on the Ambient Soundbath, but I’ve never dedicated an entire program to Off Land, the work of Tim Dwyer. This program features the tracks from the first two of, an ever-growing collection, known as, the (Drone Variations). I struggle to write about these tracks, not from a lack of feeling, but because they’ve been such constant companions for the last couple years, especially during my sonic meditation practices. Their essence, like being, isn’t something that can be sold or conveyed, but rather, must be experienced. So rather than trying to put down some lines about what I’ve experienced or what you should experience, I’ll dispense with all that, stop right here and let you enjoy the work of Tim Dwyer and Off Land.

00:00 – 08:40 – (Kite) – (Drone Variations) Vol. I
08:40 – 14:30 – (Pictures) – (Drone Variations) Vol. II
14:30 – 21:30 – (Shearwater) –(Drone Variations) Vol. I
21:30 – 37:00 – (Soar) –(Drone Variations) Vol. I
37:00 – 41:30 – (Timeless) – (Drone Variations) Vol. II
41:30 – 51:00 – (Veery) –(Drone Variations) Vol. I
51:00 – END – (Current) –  (Drone Variations) Vol. II

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