Ambient Soundbath Podcast #64 – Juta Takahashi

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Ambient Soundbath Podcast #64 - Juta Takahashi


I discovered the music of Juta Takahashi on the SomaFM DroneZone internet radio station; I hear a lot of great music there and I try to bring some of it to the Soundbath from time to time. Juta Takahashi is one such case.

Juta Takahashi was born in Miyagi, Japan in 1959, and produces music, primarily, through the use of computers and analog synthesizers. Artists such as Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Vangelis and Pete Namlook, etc. have had a major impact on his work and you can hear that influence throughout his catalog; much of his recorded work is comprised of improvised music.

Juta’s music is timbrally rich with deep sonics that, at times, I felt like I could just crawl into and rest for a thousand years. The sonic fabric of his music is dense and rich with a consonance that is both engaging and revitalizing; these were the qualities that caught my attention on several occasions on DroneZone, where I knew I had to give a closer listen. Juta’s work, like artists such as Stephen Phillips, Altus and Off Land are what the Soundbath is all about, so it’s my pleasure to present the work of Juta Takahashi to Soundbath listeners. Enjoy.

00:00 – 15:00 – Wet Dream – Silence
15:00 – 29:00 – The Azure Dragon – Quiet Rain
29:00 – 44:00 – Shining Valley – Albion
44:00 – 59:00 – Silence – Silence
59:00 – End – Enlightenment – The Door into Winter

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