Ambient Soundbath Podcast #70 – Helical Drone

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Ambient Soundbath Podcast #70 - Helical Drone

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Ambient Soundbath #70 is another original work in the vein of Parallax Drone; a piece inspired by Philip Glass’ Early Works where I’ve experimented with some compositional devices called parallel and contrary motion that he worked with on that recording… You can hear it in the criss-crossing of the sounds as they move from speaker to speaker, but also in harmonic and intervalic (space between note pitches) opposition to each other. Musically, as I was working on this it felt like many helices moving in, out and around each other.

This is definitely a deep listening work and one that lends itself to close listening. This is also a work, like Parallax Drone, that’s meant to be a dimensional drone, one that you can retreat into and let it surround you.


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