Ambient Soundbath Podcast #73 – This Quiet Place

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Ambient Soundbath Podcast #73 - This Quiet Place


Good salutations, Soundbath listeners… I’m really excited for this program as it’s the first to feature a guest host. I actually got this idea from Dave Michuda, host of Low Light Mixes, after he asked me to do a mix for him (you can hear it here).

This program features longtime reviewer, podcaster, proponent and friend, John Shanahan of the Hypnagogue Podcast – A highly recommended and well-curated program. Without further ado, I’ll let John tell the rest of the story.

Theme: This Quiet Place

It just so happens Matt Borghi contacted me about guest hosting the Ambient Soundbath on the one-year anniversary of my moving from a house on a busy main road to a new home, well off the beaten path on the edge of a marsh. For a year now I’ve been reveling in this almost astonishing level of calm, augmented and accented with beautiful night sounds and the whisper of wind coming off the water and through the trees. The night that Matt reached out with his kind offer, the rest of my family was elsewhere, so I sat down at my studio controls in this place we call The Cottage in the Woods and curated a flow that echoes the serenity, mystery, and hushed joys of the night world around me in this quiet place. I hope you enjoy it.

John Shanahan, Host
Hypnagogue Podcast


(Start) Stephen Phillips, Deep Down, from Message from a Subatomic World

7.26  Offland, Accipiter (Drone Variation), from Accipiter/Coast

21.02  Chronotope Project, Clear Bell Ringing in Empty Sky, from Solar Winds

32.00  Igneous Flame, Clairaudient, from Ocean Sighs

37.47  Algol, Gilese 581d, from Goldilocks Zone

47.31  Mark Harris, Before You Awake_Or the Fool Who Mimics the Sun, from The Angry Child

56.18  Lucette Bourdin, The Dusty Attic, from Golden Sun


2 thoughts on “Ambient Soundbath Podcast #73 – This Quiet Place

  1. As much as I enjoy the music of this podcast, I really dislike the fact, that “the talking” is back in that one. It really distracts and even startles me, when suddenly a voice pulls me out of my relaxed state.

    • Thanks, Uwe, for taking the time to comment. I definitely hear what you’re saying and the feedback from the majority of the listeners who dislike ‘the talking’ has been very clear, which is why I’ve removed them from the last 40 or so programs…

      I see the podcast as a public service, something freely available to all, that creates ‘a space for thinking and being’. As part of that public service, from time to time, I will share related content that fits the Ambient Soundbath vision of creating ‘a space for thinking and being’ if I feel that the majority of listeners might enjoy knowing about it. John’s work with the Hypnagogue Podcast is one such example of that and I asked him to include ‘the talking’ because I know that not everybody visits or reads the webpage. A minor inconvenience to an overall positive contribution, I think.

      Thanks again, Uwe, for taking the time to provide feedback. I do value and appreciate Soundbath listener’s perspectives.


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