Ambient Soundbath Podcast #88 – Midsommer

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Ambient Soundbath Podcast #88 - Midsommer

I haven’t done a multi-artist Ambient Soundbath, that didn’t include my own work, in quite some time…. years, maybe. But with this program, I’ve put together a playlist of some tracks that I’ve been listening to a lot… tracks that I added to the Restful Drones and Ambient Spaces playlist on Spotify. It’s pretty excellent to have access to so many great tracks. I can shape the playlists, play around with different sequences and really shape the program to get the best possible Soundbath for thinking and being.

At the same time, I can’t do any of this without the artists whose music, when brought together here, creates a beautiful quilt of lush sounds and deep textures, perfect for an Ambient Soundbath. I’ve linked to the artists in the web post, but I’m not going to say them here, as this this audio post is already getting to long. As always, thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy the program.

Track – Album – Artist (In playlist order)

The Edge of Being – Absolute Fields  – Phillip Wilkerson

Planes – Beneath and Endless Sky  – Eternell

Do Androids Dream? – The Crossing – Cleveland Wehle

Will O’ the Wisp (Sleep Mix) – Remix – Will O’ the Wisp – Poemme

Poa Alpina – Substrata + Man with a Movie Camera – Biosphere

On Burnt, Gauzed Wings – Ornitheology –  Chubby Wolf

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