Ambient Soundbath Podcast #91 – Alaeddin Guest Mix

Ambient Soundbath Podcast
Ambient Soundbath Podcast
Ambient Soundbath Podcast #91 - Alaeddin Guest Mix

I’m very pleased to announce that Ambient Soundbath Podcast #91 was put together by somebody new to me, who reached out via the website – Alaeddin Hallack – You can learn more about him below. This mix is very nice; Alaeddin really captured the essence of what an Ambient Soundbath is and programmed an excellent show accordingly with a variety of artists I’ve featured on my Restful Drones and Ambient Spaces Playlist on Spotify, but not here on the Soundbath.

Ambient Soundbath Podcast #91 Track List:

00:00 Warmth ― Essay
07:48 – Hakobune ― love knows where
17:20 – Andrew Lahiff ― Distant Fragments
23:21 – Fading Language ― A Space in the Silence
25:34 – Andrew Lahiff ― A Lingering Light
30:21 – Tonepoet ― Solar Wind
34:47 – kwajbasket ― and then i entered the void to find you
37:52 – Max Corbacho ― No Day nor Night
41:00 – Oöphoi ― Riding A White Swan Over Silent Lands
48:32 – Warmth ― Spherule
54:40 – Havenaire ― Brute Camp
59:56 – Ishq ― Midnight Grove (Excerpt)

Believing in music’s capacity to uplift us, Alaeddin creates and hosts two podcast mix series: Calm Pills and Chill Pills. Every mix he creates is a labor of love, with curated track list and seamless harmonic transitions, all with the intention of boosting your happiness and well-being through the power of uplifting, feel-good music.

You can check out more of his Calm Pill mixes:

And Chill Pill mixes:

Links to downloadable episodes from his website:


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