Ambient Soundbath Podcast Service Announcement – Audio Only

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Ambient Soundbath Podcast Service Announcement - Audio Only

Audio only post reflecting sale and ‘going dark’ notice and recent updates on Ambient Soundbath website:

3 thoughts on “Ambient Soundbath Podcast Service Announcement – Audio Only

  1. Thank you for producing this fabulous podcast for so many years. I’ve appreciated it, and it put me into your work – Pink Sakura at Night is still one of my favourites to wind down to. I wonder if it would be worth simply cycling the podcast with older episodes rather than taking it down, so that people rediscover your music, and only make say 10-20 or so available at a time. Then it’s like a jukebox of your work over the years! Seems a shame to waste an asset when it could be showcasing your work. Whatever you decide, I am so glad you continue to produce music in one channel or another. Thanks!

  2. Thank you, Simon! I appreciate your perspective, your kind words and your generous support!

    It’s not that the Ambient Soundbath is a lot of time and energy as much as it is that my heart really isn’t in it any more. I’m making more music than ever. In fact the Soundbath gave me the discipline to be consistently creating new and fresh works. In that regard, the bi-weekly longforms on Bandcamp ( have given me the outlet that the Soundbath Podcast did early on with a couple of added bonuses that the podcast couldn’t provide: Consistent patrons and a means of communicating with an audience.

    Podcasts, by design, are completely anonymous. The Soundbath has thousands of subscribers and millions of streams and I’ve heard from approximately .001% of those folks. I’ve received patronage from .00001% of those folks. Streaming services like Spotify are worse still. I have a vast catalog of a couple thousand hours of original works, at this point! I believe that there will either be another podcast or a 24/7 streaming service in my future (the latter being a dream of mine for some time), but also maybe not.

    Thanks again, Simon!

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