What is an ambient soundbath?

What is an ambient soundbath?

An ambient soundbath is the practice of mindful, deep listening joined by two concepts:

1.) The soundbath: A soundbath is the experience of sonic immersion into music, a soundworld or soundscape, through active listening;
2.) Ambient music: As Brian Eno referred to it, is ‘a music that can be listened to as easily as it can be ignored’

The ambient soundbath is a way to approach listening to ambient music as an immersive experience where listening in a contemplative or meditative state of mind leads to a state of peaceful thinking and being; a portal of sorts.

Ambient music is especially good for this approach because it is a music that can be listened to as easily as it can be ignored, and this lends to it being accessible through headphones or by listening in the open air via speakers.

The intention behind each of the musical pieces that make up the ambient soundbath podcast is that they provide a calming period of listening and/or relaxation that induces a peacefulness thus giving a space for thinking and being; a break or escape from the daily routine that creates a portal into timelessness.

Because the ambient soundbath provides a portal into a peaceful and rejuvenating experience that engages the mind and the body it creates a space for thinking and being. These states of mind or consciousness are usually attained through meditation, prayer or other sacred ritual, but the ambient soundbath podcast puts this experience online and in your pocket to be available and accessible at any time.

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