Ambient Soundbath Podcast #109 – Featuring theAdelaidean: In the Key of Sleep

Ambient Soundbath Podcast
Ambient Soundbath Podcast
Ambient Soundbath Podcast #109 - Featuring theAdelaidean: In the Key of Sleep

I’ve been enjoying the work of theAdelaidean for some time, but when his record focused on sleep, with a longform track, from Projekt Records came across my desk, I knew I had to feature it on the Ambient Soundbath Podcast for all of you to enjoy.  One thing that I really love about the mix I’ve put together here is the open sonic space of the rising and falling. I usually do present very dense sonic tapestries, but with this there’s a very nice space for the ebb and flow of breath. I’m listening as I write this and it’s instantly relaxing.

Here it is – This entire episode of the Ambient Soundbath Podcast features: theAdelaidean: In the Key of SleepMore about the artist and this recording:

In the Key of Sleep’s hour-plus title track is a gentle, minimalistic-ambient hymn to the art of slumber, a practice that doesn’t come easily to everyone. An insomniac for most of his life, Australian composer theAdelaidean’s eighth Projekt release draws on a limited palette of sustained synthesized strings, rippling electric piano and muted bass that chart a course through tranquil harmonic progressions, via a series of subtle transformations and gently surprising abstractions, to sleep.

Getting to “In the Key of Sleep” is a journey in itself through five re-imaginings and remixes on the core theme, beginning with a self-contained homage to the perfect afternoon nap, “Floating,” an abbreviated reworking of one key moment from the larger work. A series of near-complete reinventions follow, the first of them “Falling,” its brittle, diamond-sharp synths evocative of the random detours our minds sometimes take before giving in to slumber. “Flying” follows, capturing through wide-spectrum sequencers and intermittent bass stabs the adrenaline rush of a good dream, rushing like a river over the events of the day. “Free” brings the listener/dreamer to a state of pure release, adrift against a soundtrack of cinematic ambience, avoiding both defined melodic statements and resolution alike. The final variation, “Flux,” concludes in a locus of complete separation from time and space, beyond consciousness, beyond thought. Here at the centre of sleep, there are no dreams, just a slow pulse of being.

The final track, concluding what is in effect a double album, brings all these elements together, patiently repairing the mind from its daytime travails.

Please consider supporting the artist and Projekt records here.

In the Key of Sleep invites the listener to surrender to the inevitable, knowing that what awaits is both familiar and unpredictable. This state of mind is familiar to deep appreciators of ambient music, who use it as accompaniment to states both of higher consciousness and of unconsciousness. For theAdelaidean, this album is both an exploration of that tension and a cure for his own sleeplessness.

Track Listing 
1. Floating 09:16
2. Falling 04:30
3. Flying 03:44
4. Free 13:25
5. Flux 06:59
6. In the Key of Sleep 65:30 

“In the Key of Sleep (excerpt)”
video at YouTube

Artist Bio
For over three decades bestselling Australian author Sean Williams has recorded experimental music undertaking deeply personal aural explorations that draw heavily on sources and techniques following the great spiral of life.



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