Ambient Soundbath Podcast #119 – Feat. Ceramic

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Ambient Soundbath Podcast #119 - Feat. Ceramic
With episode #119, I’m really proud to present the work of Ceramic (aka Daman Hoffman). I enjoy the pure and reflective drones of Daman’s work and therefore profoundly grateful to present them and share them with you; even more exciting is that Daman allowed me to create an extended drone using one of his original works at the end of this program that is exclusive to the Ambient Soundbath. Please consider supporting Ceramic (Daman) on Bandcamp.
  1. We’re Not Lost – Now That You’re Here
  2. Clean Sheets, Cricket Legs – Imaginary North Transmission 004
  3. Waterfall of Human Ambivalence – Sound Vessel
  4. Still, This Untended Hearth Remembers Blue Blazes – Sound Vessel
  5. Now That You’re Here – Now That You’re Here
  6. It Takes Some Time – Now That You’re Here
  7. Clear Coast – Sound Vessel
  8. Cast Your Breath Upon the Waters – Sound Vessel
  9. The Enduring Warmth – Sound Vessel
  10. It Takes Some time (Matt Borghi Extended Re-Edit) – Ambient Soundbath Exclusive

About Ceramic (Daman Hoffman)

Ceramic - Daman Hoffman - Ambient Soundbath
Daman Hoffman is a soundbath facilitator and musician based in Little Rock, Arkansas, although that’s all come about somewhat recently. After achieving sobriety four years ago he began to explore his fascination with sound and received training in meditation and vibrational healing. Creating healing music for soundbath sessions led him to explore his love for ambient and new age music. Daman plays a variety of instruments but for his project Ceramic, he utilizes only synths for his compositions that swell, evolve and cascade in a meditative and sometimes cinematic way. His first album, “Now That You’re Here,” is out on September 22nd. Other musical and meditation projects include Embassy of Sound, Ethereal Planes, The Passive Fire, and Natural State Vibes. You can also hear him on the radio, hosting “Rivulets & Reveries,” a weekly program devoted to dreamy ambient music on 103.3 KOBV in Bentonville, Arkansas.

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