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Ambient Soundbath Podcast #50

Ambient Soundbath Podcast #50 – Transmission Date: 11/15/2016

Ambient Soundbath #50 is special in more ways than one…

This episode marks five years of creating the Ambient Soundbath Podcast.

This episode also features a side of my work that’s been omnipresent, but never highlighted, as such, my ambient guitar work, which perfectly coincides with the release of my newest recording, Ambient Guitar, which is available for sale on Amazon iTunes and in lossless audio on Bandcamp.

This episode of the Ambient Soundbath podcast was done completely live and on the spot, and is comprised of three deep listening ambient guitar compositions, including an extended rendition of English Folk Song from Ambient Guitar…

This is also one of the longest episodes clocking in at around 1 hour and 40 minutes…

50 episodes and well over 60 hours of completely original ambient music is a tall order and tough to maintain, so this may be it, a good place to leave things… the end of an era… Or maybe it’s the beginning of something new…

Anyway, thank you for listening and enjoy.

All music by Matt Borghi, more information at: