Ambient Soundbath Podcast #54 – Origins 2

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Ambient Soundbath Podcast #54 - Origins 2


Last “Origins” program for a while, as I wanted to capture some of the early tracks that inspired me, particularly Ocean of Tenderness and God Moving Over the Face of Waters… Steve Roach, Harold Budd and Jason Sloan all had an early impact, as well… Whereas Offland is one of the great new artists that continues to inspire me. The Drone Variations series, in particular, is really quite an exceptional set. Enjoy.


00:00 – 30:00 – Air and Light – Steve RoachQuiet Music
30:00 – 43:00 – Ocean of Tenderness – AshraSunrain: The Virgin Years
43:00 – 61:00 – Gypsy Violin – Harold Budd – Lovely  Thunder
61:00 – 67:00 – Shearwater – Offland – Drone Variations, Vol. 1
67:00 – 83:00 – An Unsaid – Jason Sloan – An Unsaid EP
83:00 – 89:00 – God Moving Over the Face of Waters – Moby – Everything is Wrong/Heat Soundtrack

One thought on “Ambient Soundbath Podcast #54 – Origins 2

  1. Steve Roach probably has the most discs in my collection of “Space Music” or what we might call Ambient these days. I continue to look for new artists but truly enjoy the many old that I have in my collection. Dream Time Returns is a classic for me and my first exposure to Roach.

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