Record Review – Jeff Greinke – Oceanic

High praise for Jeff Greinke’s newest recording,Oceanic, a stand out gem in a world of music streaming services and YouTube channels overflowing with so-called “ambient music” choices. Oceanic has moved me, musically and as an artist, in a way that I haven’t been moved in years. I admit, I’ve become jaded. I’ve heard a lot, listened to a lot and forgotten a lot of what I’ve heard. The prominence of ambient and drone music on streaming services with playlists featuring ambient music for sleep, yoga, meditation, relaxation, study, reading and just about any other inert activity you can think of and some others you haven’t thought of yet, hasn’t helped the situation. So much of what’s being released these days is uninspired at best and forgettable at worst. With Oceanic, I’m reminded of Jeff’s early recording Cities In Fog, a sonic and artistic touchstone for me, personally; a recording that moved me to become a recording artist myself. So, I guess, I’m biased, but I’ll gladly accept that label if it means that I get to listen to works of art like Oceanic over and over. If it were a tape, it would already be nearly worn out or at least the printed ink would be disappearing on the cassette and if it were a CD I would be on my way towards my second copy, having scratched it, taking it in and out of the CD player so many times already. I’ve been at this longer than most, but not longer than Jeff and not longer than Projekt Records; it warms my heart to know that quality is still a consideration and it’s finding its way into the universe. Do yourself a favor and give this a listen as soon as you can; repeated listens are only more rewarding.

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